Zinc Roofing
Marshall Thompson Leadwork are experts in zinc roofing design and installation.
Stainless Steel Roofing
Stainless steel roofing and cladding is a great option for heritage projects as it comes in a wide range of grades and finishes.
Copper Roofing
The durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to form complex shapes of copper make it historically attractive.
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Zinc, Stainless Steel & Copper Roofing

Marshall Thompson Leadwork are experts at hard metal roofing design and installation.  Our comprehensive range includes zinc, copper, stainless steel, coated steel and aluminium.

Why consider hard metal roofing?

  • It has been proven that most hard metal roofs can last up to and over 100 years.
  • Easy to maintain
  • A lighter roof (compared to a lead or tiled roof)
  • Metal roofs are eco-friendly due to their 100% recyclable nature and the fact that they are made from a high percentage of recycled materials.

Our Hard Metal Roofing Services

Our Accreditations

Zinc Roofing

By far, zinc is the most popular metal roofing and cladding material we use. A high design specification makes it a popular choice among clients and architects.

We relish the opportunity to work with architects to achieve unique visions, and there isn’t a zinc roof we haven’t completed that looks stunning. Zinc is available in numerous finishes and colours, allowing for a wide range of finishes to be produced.

Stainless Steel Roofing

When working on heritage projects or trying to fit into a local landscape, stainless steel roofing and cladding is a great option as it comes in many grades and finishes.

Due to its similar appearance to lead once it has weathered, Terne-coated stainless steel is increasingly being used to replace lead roofs on churches where lead has been stolen or as a protective measure for at-risk rooftops.

The grade/type will ultimately depend on your design scheme and whether you live in an urban area or a rural area. As well as matching gutters and downpipes, we can supply and install stainless steel gutters and downpipes.

Copper Roofing

Besides being durable, corrosion resistant, and capable of forming complex shapes, copper is also historically attractive. The material has been used by craftsmen to build beautiful and durable building systems for centuries. Over the past few decades, copper cladding has been used much more widely in a variety of building types. Indoor and outdoor environments can benefit from copper clad walls.

The variety of colours copper displays, from bright metallic to nearly black, to its final oxidised green patina, adds to its allure.

If you’re in the market for a new roof and want something that will last for decades, consider hard metal roofing. Marshall Thompson Leadwork offers a comprehensive range of services, from design and installation to advice on construction.

With a wide range of finishes available, we can help you find the perfect solution for your property. Contact us today by clicking the button below:

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