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Marshall Thompson Leadwork specialises in all aspects of leadwork, from lead on grade 2 listed buildings and colleges to bay windows and lead flashings on private homes.

We’ve worked on some of the UK’s most iconic heritage buildings, including Westminster Abbey. We have also worked on many other heritage buildings such as Castle Howard, Brancepeth Castle and Hull Minster.

You may notice different types of lead used in our work: milled lead and sand cast lead.

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Milled Lead

The term ‘milled lead’ refers to lead that has been ground into small particles. Because it is lightweight and easy to work with, it is commonly used for roofing and flashing.

Sand Cast Lead

Sand cast lead is made from molten lead poured into sand molds. It is often used to make statues and decorative items. When properly maintained, sand cast lead can last for centuries and is a popular choice for heritage work. Corrosion resistance makes it a good choice for coastal environments.

No job is too big or too small.

With years of experience in the lead work roofing industry, we have been fortunate enough to master our craft on some of Britain’s most beautiful buildings. We have worked with a wide range of national clients and are proud to have built an impressive portfolio of work.

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